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There are too many people that focus solely on the end of the line. That moment when they finally reach their goals and feel they have accomplished what they wanted in life. The problem with this way of thinking is that you will never allow yourself to enjoy the ride. Don't forget that once you reach those goals, you're probably going to want to set new goals and so the process can be never-ending. 

The important thing to do is to always allow yourself to enjoy the ride. Think of life as a safari. You want to experience the entire ride and appreciate the scenery. Put another way is the well-known statement, "take time to stop and smell the roses." We live in a society where everything is about speed and convenience…

… How fast can I get there? How long is this going to take? Why is it taking 10 seconds for this download to finish instead of 3? I don't know about you, but I love life. I love enjoying each second, each minute, and each hour of each day. I don't want to rush time. I love spending time with the little ones in my family, running around with them and laughing. Why rush that???

…As one of my favorite sayings from the Bible reminds me, "Don't worry about tomorrow, worry about today for tomorrow will have its own worries" or at least something similar to that. And it's absolutely the truth.

Take time to enjoy today. By doing this day after day, you're taking the time to enjoy the ride of the wonderful gift we've been given- LIFE!


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